Sterilization Is a Primary Concern

Sterilization isn’t just a state requirement enforced by the Texas Licensing Board, it’s a process that we’ve integrated into every one of our services. Sterilization is expensive, but we don’t cut corners. We use a steam autoclave like the ones used by dentists to sterilize their equipment. Each service we provide begins with a sealed bag of sterilized tools that we open up just for you.

If you’ve ever watched the undercover news reporters on our local evening news, you know that not every salon adheres to the strict rules set forth by the state and that some salon owners couldn’t operate an autoclave if their life depended on it, despite the fact that one is sitting in the back of their store (all dusty, I imagine). That’s not only unprofessional and discourteous, it’s just plain dangerous.

We don’t operate like that. We take our clients’ safety seriously, and that begins with proper sterilization procedures. We don’t settle for less, and neither should you!


Best Wishes,