Why Should You Get a Spa Pedicure?

Besides the obvious reason (they’re amazing), why should anyone get a spa pedicure? I mean, can’t you do your own toes at home? And can’t you get a leg massage with one of those fancy gadgets from Sharper Image? A good spa pedicure does a lot more that that – it’s good for the soul.

Stress Relief

As you walk in from your hectic day, you’ll begin to relax from the soft music playing and that familiar aroma. When you begin your session on the massage chair with the nail technician working away on your feet and the spa chair gently massaging away your tension, you’ll quickly realize why you booked the session. A smile creeps across face, and you almost doze off. Stress? Gone! Besides, how stressed could you be when your feet feel and look so fabulous?

Foot Care

Most people are on their feet for several hours a day, some all day long. Others pound the pavement jogging, or on a treadmill. All that pressure on your feet can eventually cause health problems with your back, knees, and various foot ailments. Your nail technician will scrub away dead skin from your feet and calf area, file away calluses that can cause uneven pressure on your feet when you stand, and massage your feet and lower legs to stimulate blood flow.

It’s not easy to do a pedicure on yourself, since your toes are so far away from your hands. People who try may cause more problems than they try to solve. Often, people will cut their toenails incorrectly, and end up ripping them from the corners or cut them too short, both of which can lead to ingrown toenails. It’s just easier and safer to have a pedicure done by a professional. It feels better anyway.

Wives, if you haven’t treated your husband to a spa pedicure, why don’t you try to get him to come in with you. It would be great bonding time. And husbands, you know that your wife wants a spa pedicure, so why not get her a gift certificate good for a spa pedicure? Call us to schedule an appointment or to purchase gift certificates.